Aliens Minimates Ripley Screaming Xenomorph Review

The last set of the TRU exclusive wave 2 Aliens Minimates features characters from the first movie: Ellen Ripley & Screaming Xenomorph!

Ripley 001

This is the first time we’ve gotten Minimates from the first Alien movie in a two pack. It makes sense that it would feature the two main characters from that movie.


Ripley 002

Ripley is in her basic grey jumpsuit. Like most of the figures in this wave, Ripley is almost exactly the same as the previous figure that came in the first Alien box set. The face is a little different, but that’s really all that is different

Ripley 005


Ripley 003

Ripley comes with a Flamethrower and Jonesy the cat. Jonesy is also the same piece that came in the Alien box set with Ripley. And again, the only differences are in the face. this time they didn’t paint the eyes and honestly, I think the cat looks better for it.

Ripley 006


Ripley 004

Like the other sets, this set comes with an Alien egg (closed) and a Facehugger. I love the Facehugger piece even if you have to use it without the hair piece on most figures.


Ripley 007

The Screaming Xenomorph is a basic Alien with a larger, open mouth head. The clear dome on top of the head is glued down and part of the head underneath is painted.

Ripley 008


Ripley 009

This figure has the same styled head as the 1st box set, but the body is painted in a glossy paint like the Alien from the Hastings exclusive Nostromo set. I also noticed that the paint on the head was changed between the box set and the Hastings set. The Screaming Xenomorph has the same paint apps on the head as the Hastings Alien.


Ripley 010

Like the rest of this wave, these are two figures you don’t really need, but the minor changes make them interesting enough to buy a second time and not regret it. This set would also be great for those who may have missed the first Alien movie box set.