Aliens Minimates Pvt Drake Extra Damaged Alien Review

We’re continuing our lead up to Alien Day with a look at the Toys R Us exclusive Aliens Minimates wave 2 Pvt. Drake & Extra Damaged Alien pack!

Drake 001

This pack already feels like we’ve seen it before since Wave 1 had Drake paired up with a Battle Damaged Alien in a similar blister pack.


Drake 002

The Extra Damaged Alien is your basic closed mouth Alien figure with a LOT more blood tampos on it than any other Alien Minimate we’ve had before. There is blood covering both arms and legs, the chest and both sides of the head!

Drake 003

The tampo on the left arm is exactly the same (It’s been repeated on the right arm as well) The original battle damaged Alien only had blood on one leg and one foot, but there is blood all over both legs and feet now and while there is blood on both figures’ heads, there is a lot more on the Extra Damaged Alien. Oddly enough, while they both use the same chest piece with the shortened back hoses, the Extra Damaged Alien does NOT have any blood on the hoses like the original Battle Damaged Alien does.

Drake 004

This type of battle damaged Alien has been requested by a few fans and is a no-brainer to grab for the collection as you need some different blood tampos on your battle damaged figure. The Space Marines are good, but not so good that they shot every Alien in the exact same place.


Drake 005

Pvt Drake looks just like the wave 1 figure except that this one has an open/screaming mouth. Everything that was great about that Drake is still here this time, including the Smart Gun with poseable arm and the flip up eye piece on his head gear.

Drake 006


Drake 007

Drake comes with a separate hat (without head gear) open Alien Egg, Chestburster, Flamethrower and translucent flame attachment for the Flamethrower. The flame attachment is still a little too heavy and can fall off of the Flamethrower or just cause the arm to droop down. It does still work well if it’s sitting on the ground though.


Drake 008

Drake also comes with an unexpected spare head. This one has a half melted face tampo for when he gets sprayed with some Alien blood.


Drake 009

As I said earlier, the Extra Damaged Alien is great to add variety to your pile of Alien corpses. Drake is a nice addition if you didn’t get him before, and if you did, at least you get two new faces to use now. I personally like both of these faces better than the one I got in the first pack. All the new Eggs and Chestbursters in these packs are making for great army builders for dio scenes.

Drake 010