Aliens Minimates Dump Case Review

The first batch of Aliens Minimates have landed and it’s an army building dump case! We’ve got a full case and brake down all the figures in the box.

Aliens Minimates 01 Case

Each case comes with 12 individually boxed Minimates. The box lid folds up to turn the case box into a display box. This is how you see the Aliens Minimates sold in comic shops and makes for a nice display.


Aliens Minimates 02 Box

Each individual box has a window to show the figure inside. The sides of the box features all 6 of the different Minimates in the case and the back of the box lists all the names. There is a dot sticker next to the name signifying which Minimate is in the box.

Aliens Minimates 03 Box

A full case contains:
Alien Warrior X 4
Attacking Alien Warrior X 3
Battle Damaged Alien Warrior X 2
Pvt. Wierzbowski X 1
Crew Chief Pvt. Spunkmeyer X 1
Carter Burke X 1


Let’s start by taking a look at the 1 per case humans in this set.


Aliens Minimates 04 Carter Burke

First up is the Weyland-Yutani Corporation Junior Executive, Carter J. Burke. The Minimate is pretty basic since Burke didn’t really have any special accessories or anything in the movie. The shirt tampo goes all the way around the torso and Burke has a removable wristwatch and vest. The Minimate’s likeness to Paul Reiser’s role in the movie is pretty dead on.

Aliens Minimates 05 Carter Burke


Aliens Minimates 06 Spunkmeyer

Next up is Crew Chief Pvt. Daniel Spunkmeyer. This is another basic Minimate with tampo’d details. Spunkmeyer is seen in his Sulaco flight suit and unlike a lot of newer Minimates, his hair is tampo’d instead of a seperate piece. This works out really well because Spunkmeyer comes with a removable helmet and pistol.

Aliens Minimates 07 Spunkmeyer


Aliens Minimates 08 Spunkmeyer

Spunkmeyer features one of my favorite details that are on many Minimates and that’s insignia patches. Spunkmeyer has the USS Sulaco insignia on his shoulder.


Aliens Minimates 09 Wierzbowski

The last human in this case is Pvt. Trevor Wierzbowski. He comes in his Colonial Marine Corps armor. The helmet and chest plate can be removed and there is a spare hair piece to give Wierzbowski an unarmored look.

Aliens Minimates 11 Wierzbowski

As you can see the camo tampo only covers the front and sides of the Minimate.


Aliens Minimates 10 Wierzbowski

The helmet has some nice sculpted details like the eyepiece (which lines up with Wierzbowski’s eye perfectly) I also really like that his name is tampo’d on his chest plate. It gives the piece a nice personal touch.


Aliens Minimates 12 Wierzbowski

The last piece that Wierzbowski comes with is the standard issue M41A Pulse Rifle. The rifle is perfectly sculpted and fits well in a Minimate’s hand.


Now that you’ve seen the humans, let’s check out the army builders of this case, the Xenomorphs!


Aliens Minimates 13 Battle Damaged Alien

The first Xenomorph is the Battle Damaged Alien Warrior. This is a basic Alien Warrior with an opened mouth and bright green “acid blood” splatters on it’s body. The four dorsal tubes are also significantly shorter than the other Alien Warrior Minimates to further signify the battle damaged feature.

Aliens Minimates 14 Battle Damaged Alien

The basic alien body has a ton of excellently sculpted parts including head, torso, hands, feet and tail. These sculpted parts add to the height of the overall figure.

The blood splatters on this figure really make it stand out to me and have made it my favorite of the aliens.

Aliens Minimates 15 Battle Damaged Alien


Aliens Minimates 16 Alien Head

The head is on an extended ball joint that allows a great range of motion for the Alien Warriors. This adds a lot of character to the Minimate figures.


Aliens Minimates 19 Alien Tail

The tail is made up of two pieces that plug into each other and then attach to the back of the chest piece

Aliens Minimates 17 Alien Tail

With the tail being made up from three parts(including the torso) this adds a swivel joint of sorts at two points in the tail that allows you to pose the tail in a few different ways

Aliens Minimates 18 Alien Tail

All of the Alien Warrior Minimates feature the same head and tail movement as the battle damaged one.


Aliens Minimates 20 Attacking Alien

The Attacking Alien Warrior is basically the same sculpturally as the Battle Damaged Alien with a few differences. The dorsal tubes are at full length and the open mouth now has the inner jaws extending out of the mouth.

Aliens Minimates 21 Attacking Alien


Aliens Minimates 22 Alien Warrior

The last Xenomorph is the Alien Warrior. This one is just like the Attacking Alien Warrior but with a closed mouth.

Aliens Minimates 23 Alien Warrior

I really can’t say enough how much I love the sculpted details on all of the Xenomorphs. These figures are as detailed, if not more than most of the Aliens merchandise that’s been out since the 90’s. I want to say these are possibly the most detailed Minimates made to date even rivaling the Battle Beasts Minimates. Included with the sculpted details, the basic Minimate body is covered with tampo details to continue the Alien aesthetic throughout the whole figure.

Aliens Minimates 24 Alien Base


Aliens Minimates 25 Action

Aliens Minimates 26 Action

Aliens Minimates 27 Action

Aliens Minimates 28 Action

Aliens Minimates 29 Action

Aliens Minimates 30 Action

Aliens Minimates 31 Action

Aliens Minimates 32 Action Alternate

Aliens Minimates 33 Action


This has been a great year for Aliens merchandise and these Aliens Minimates are just the icing on the cake. The Alien Warriors are wonderful and everything one could hope to have from an Alien Minimate. Add in the fact that in the first assortment we already have obscure characters like Pvt. Wierzbowski (The Colonial Marine with the least amount of screentime in the whole movie) I have a great feeling that we’ll get the full compliment of doomed Colonial Marines for all these Aliens to hunt, not to mention all the other great characters from the franchise. (It helps that we’ve already seen half of the Marines in Minimate form at various shows DST has set up at) This whole dump case is a must buy, having 9 Alien Warriors running around terrorizing your figure displays is just fun beyond words.