Aliens Minimates Deluxe Queen Review

Continuing our Alien Day lead up, we’re looking at the first of two deluxe sets in the Aliens Minimate line: Queen Alien.

Queen 001

The Queen Alien comes on a large blister card. This is the same size card Minimate vehicles are usually packaged on.


Queen 002

The Queen uses a base Minimate for the Torso, lower legs and arms. There are sculpted pieces all over this figure to extend the size and proportions so that it is larger than the other Alien Minimates. The tail has two swivel hinges like the other Aliens so you can get a little poseability out of it. The arms on the chest do not move at all.

Queen 003


Queen 004

The detailing on this Queen is awesome. The ball joint on the neck and the fact that the neck tapers down by the head allows a lot of neck movement.


Queen 005

The Queen Alien comes with the same Warrior Alien that was in wave 1 and the dump case (Though it was called the Alien Warrior in the dump case) There are 3 Alien eggs included (2 closed and one open) and a Chestburster. While the Chestburster does have a hole on the bottom of it to use a figure stand, the bottom is flat enough that it can stand up pretty much anywhere


Queen 006

Also included in this set is a Battle Damaged Bishop. Bishop is a full Minimate figure with a splatter tampo all over him signifying android blood. The Queen Alien also has a specialty tail for Bishop to recreate the scene where she spears him through the chest. The tail is a simple sculpted piece that goes between the torso and waist piece but it is very effective at creating the illusion of the tail going through the figure. Due to the added weight of Bishop, you do usually need to use a foot stand on the Queen when using this tail.

Queen 007


Queen 008

Bishop also comes with a guts piece that can be plugged into his torso. The sculpting on the guts piece is a little soft, but it’s a very welcome addition to the figure.


Queen 009

This set is basically everything you could hope for in a deluxe set. You get three figures plus multiple accessories! The Queen is nicely detailed and stands large enough to be imposing. She may still be small compared to the scale on the movie, but for little block figures, she stands tall. The addition of the Bishop spear tail put this set over the top. I want to display the Queen as always having Bishop stuck to her tail, the illusion just works so well.

Queen 010

Queen 011