Aliens Minimates Deluxe Power Loader Review

Alien Day is in a couple of days so today we’re going to look at the most iconic piece of equipment from that franchise, The Power Loader. We have the Deluxe Aliens Minimates Power Loader set all opened up and ready to play with.

Power Loader 001

The Power Loader is packaged on the same oversized blister card like the Queen Alien deluxe set was.


Power Loader 002

Of course we get a Ripley figure in this set (otherwise, who would drive the Power Loader?) This Ripley is almost exactly like the wave 1 Rescue Mission Ripley. Her face is a little different with some extra battle damage added in for good measure, but from the neck down, it’s basically the same figure

Power Loader 003


Power Loader 004

Included with Ripley and the Power Loader are three eggs (Again, 2 closed, one open) The same Battle Damaged Attacking Alien that came in wave 1 with Drake and a Facehugger piece.


Power Loader 005

The Power Loader is made up of 11 pieces that all plug together. The arms have an elbow joint that can come apart along with the “hands” that plug into the lower arm. The arms are then attached to the main body by way of ball joints. The legs each have a hole that plugs into pegs on the bottom of the torso. The torso section consists of 3 pieces, the main torso, the rollcage and the straps that go around Ripley’s torso. The straps are fairly difficult to get onto the Ripley Minimate so I suggest keeping them on once you get them on the figure. They plug onto pegs on the Power Loader to keep the figure attached to it.

Power Loader 006


Power Loader 007

Ripley’s legs can fit into the Power Loader legs and the foot pegs fit well into her feet. I thought it was an ingenious idea to add two control stick accessories to the figure so that you can position the arms anywhere and make it look like the figure is controlling the Power Loader. This is always a problem with these type of mech toys where the figure either can’t get their hands on the control handle or once they do, it limits any articulation in the mech. This simply solves that problem completely.

Power Loader 008


Power Loader 009

Getting a Power Loader for this line was a must and I’m glad at the execution of this vehicle. Everything is perfectly addressed in articulation, size and appearance. I love that the arms and hands have full movement and that by making the legs separate pieces, you can add walking articulation when attached to a figure, but you can also attach all the pieces together without a figure for a nice background display. The addition of another Alien and more eggs is just icing on the cake. I love that this line almost makes it pointless to buy multiple figures since just buying the normal releases gives you multiple army builders in both figures and accessories.

Power Loader 010