Aliens 7″ Scale Action Figures Series 5 Assortment Info and Images

NECA just showed off some pictures of their series 5 Aliens line up. Due to be released this August, get a look at them now!

Series 5 features the following figures:

  • Aliens – Lt. Ellen Ripley
  • Aliens – Queen Attack Bishop with Xenomorph Egg and Facehugger
  • Aliens: Genocide – Xenomorph Warriors (black and red versions)

Ripley features the likeness of actress Sigourney Weaver and will include a flamethrower/pulse rifle combo weapon and a bandolier accessory.

Bishop, feature the likeness of Lance Henriksen and will include an Alien Egg and a Facehugger (with bendable tail). This version of Bishop features the synthetic person after his encounter with the Alien Queen.

Xenomorph Warriors will be available in black and red versions. no word on whether either version will be short packed or not but is highly likely.

Neca Aliens S5 01

Neca Aliens S5 02

Neca Aliens S5 03