Alien Series 4 Closer Look

This my friends, is one of the best Alien assortments NECA has planned for us. For the first time we will get a proper Sigourney Weaver. This line continues to impress and I look forward to other Alien surprises from NECA in the coming year. Check out the detail of the figures below and hopefully we will have some in-package shots to share with you all. 

Series 4 in our best-selling Alien action figure collection celebrates 35 years of the original Alien film with all-new character debuts! It includes two versions of Ellen Ripley — for the first time ever featuring the likeness of Sigourney Weaver — and Dallas in his Nostromo Spacesuit.

Ripley in Nostromo Jumpsuit comes with flamethrower and Jonesy the cat. Dallas in Nostromo Spacesuit comes with removable helmet, pistol and flashlight. Ripley in Nostromo Spaceuit comes with removable helmet, harpoon gun with two different attachments, and a frightened version of Jonesy the cat. Each fully articulated figure stands approximately 7″ tall and comes in special 35th Anniversary packaging.

1300h-Ripley_jumpsuit-667x1024 1300h-Ripley_Spacesuitsuit-756x1024 1300w-Series4_group-1024x750 1300x-Dallas-819x1024