Alexander Serra – Artist Of The Week

I got turned onto the art of Alexander Serra through of the various Legion of Super-Heroes groups that I follow on Facebook. In Googling this artist, I found precious little, but noticed that he has had some published work over the years, but his blog is a great repository for some fantastic artwork. He also produced a couple of great little comics for Saturday Morning Webtoons, Lopopo’s Lost Sock and The Tried And Failed Gang which are both available to download FOR FREE.

From what I can gather, he’s currently working in animation, but his artwork shows a level of detail that you wouldn’t expect from someone in that field. One of the notable titles that he’s worked on over the years is Legion of Super-Heroes In The 31st Century, based on the short-lived animated series. Check out the gallery of images I pulled from his blog then pop over there using the link above to tell him how much you love his work. He has been open to commissions in the past, but like I said, a recent comment on his 70’s Legion image revealed that he is currently very, very busy.

12th_Doctor_Inked_B AS-LSH-1970sRGB