Age Of Ultron Movie Review

WARNING: Spoilers Ahead!

I actually don’t intend to give anything away, but invariably whenever I set out to do that, I end up doing it anyway. You were warned, so no complaining about spoilers in the comments.

The wife and I went to see it in 3D and I must say that there were points where the 3D was unnoticeable, and many places where it was noticeable, but seemed unnatural. For the most part, it was separate into layers that seemed flat, but there was one instance where I thought someone had walked in front of me only to realize it was an extra passing in front of the actors, so it wasn’t 100% bad

The story was very linear, and easy to follow, and we got to see the Avengers together for almost the entire film. It was definitely a chance to flesh out characters that haven’t had their own marvel film yet, especially Hawkeye, who gets development that is refreshing and emphasizing his role in the Avengers as “just a guy with a bow and arrow.” The romance between Bruce Banner and Black Widow is believable, and nice to see in a Marvel film, as most romances have seemed too scripted and unnatural. Here, the male/female relationships feel real, including the siblings Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch.


The new characters are great additions, especially Quicksilver, who notoriously is a character that is irritating in the comics for his smugness, and Aaron Taylor-Johnson conveys it superbly, yet balancing it nicely with admirable motivations. Elizabeth Olsen’s Scarlet Witch develops before our eyes and if there is not a romance in future films with the Vision, I will be disappointed. Paul Bettany incorporates elements of his Jarvis into the Vision, yet gives it a fresh element of determination and logical justice that adds something to the team that was missing.

The action scenes are overshadowed by the Iron man v. Hulk battle, which might be because the action gets focused between two combatants instead of jumping around from hero to hero. It even contains humor and desperation, as while Tony has planned for stopping the Hulk, he’s still uncertain that he can.


There is a lot of foreshadowing that you’re going to find yourself dreading, and way too many moments that will break your heart, but all along, you find yourself admiring the Avengers and believing that they just might fail. In the end it’s a really good comic book movie, but one that sets the stage for a phase three that is going to let the Marvel Cinematic Universe grow up and explore its flaws. In other words, Civil War is going to be fun. Maybe a little depressing, but fun.