Action Force Kickstarter Shows What Hasbro Could Do

So this will be a longer than usual post and a bit of a rant. Could anyone imaging a company screwing up a self owned property that at one time ruled the toy shelves? No its not Mattel with MOTU; it’s definitely not Playmates with TMNT so who could it be? The guilty party is Hasbro and GI Joe. Hasbro who owns GI Joe as a main property has zero clue on what to do with the property. GI Joe was once a powerhouse of a toy line that knocked the crap out of Kenner and Star Wars. So what has happened and how does this connect to this kickstarter? 

Hasbro has failed to bring GI Joe into the future and with the rumors floating around that the Snake Eyes movie is on hold shows that Hasbro could care less about nurturing this property. Essentially Hasbro made GI Joe a movie based toy line with a very limited shelf life. Hell we have to get the movie first before we get any new toys. If Hasbro would look deep at the secondary market they would realize the fanbase is rabid right now. A former Hasbro executive stated “For years I have been telling Joecon attendees to demand something NEW from Hasbro in GI Joe. STOP BUYING antique reproductions. The only way GI JOE advances is with fresh new thinking and GI JOE must always be advancing.”

This is something Hasbro has failed to do and it’s a shame. Luckily we have a group that recognizes the need and is trying to do something unique and quite frankly, awesome. Let me introduce to you what GI Joe should have been; Action Force from Valaverse. These figures clock in at 6 inches and are unique and is not related to the UK Action Force. Action Force is currently in Kickstarter form and they need some help in funding. While some argue that the size will not work, others feel this is what the fans need. My point to all of this is, Hasbro failed hands down to bring GI Joe into the new millenium and it’s up to others to take up the slack. We will dive into the current Hasbroverse soon enough but lets not take away anything from this amazing project. Back them today and help change the way we all collect!