Action Comics #1 Auction Sets New Record

Action_Comics_1The Copy of Action Comics #1 that Darren Adams of Pristine Comics put up for auction on eBay sold for a record $3,207,852.00. That is astounding, but well in line with what Adams estimated it would fetch. It was CGC graded at 9.0, the same as a copy that was owned by Nicholas Cage that sold at auction for $2.1 million. The difference between this copy and the one previously sold was that Darren Adams’ copy had pristine, white pages, a rarity in comics of that era, not just this one issue.

This sets a new standard for key Golden Age issues, and we can probably expect to see other key issues go up for auction soon. It also marks a milestone for eBay, which proved that it could handle an auction of this caliber, pre-qualifying bidders as to help Adams’ auction end successfully. Less than a dozen bidders actually put in bids for this item, starting with the first bidding an even $1 million. Look for more high-ticket items to make their way to the online auction site in the upcoming weeks. They may not see the publicity that this one saw, but definitely expect to find some high-dollar Golden Age comics on eBay in the near future.