A Septic Tank for the Modern Era

We have a treat for you guys today, our FIRST Custom vehicle to be featured on Needless Essentials Online and it’s an awesome one. If your interested, and I know you are, just keep reading! The vehicle in question is the mighty Septic Hiss Tank.

As a kid from the 80’s I grew up with some killer toys from G.I. Joe. When the 90’s hit I was completely out of Joe’s and I sorta despised the new neon colors and figure selections of the current line. To me, these were not G.I. Joe’s. Fast forward 20 something odd years latter, and my opinion has changed. In fact, this era of G.I. Joe has become my favorite and highly prized portion within my collection.

It’s hard to describe why I love this era, maybe it has to do with me ignoring them as a young adult. I grew up with the 82-88 stuff and of course, those holds special memories. The new stuff (89-94) became intriguing and I wanted to explore more in that era. One way a collector can explore this glorious line of Joe’s is through customs. Presented here, in it’s full glory is a prime example of when a custom project goes right.

The average Hiss Tank is an okay ground assault vehicle; the Septic Tank is completely  maddening on the battle field. I might be over the top with my enthusiasm, but come on, it’s a Hiss Tank that spews toxic waste! As you see from the modern Septic Tank, it closely resembles it’s vintage counterpart.  To me, it could pass as an official Hasbro product and that’s something to be proud of.

The customizer, Jay Ahern AKA as Misfit1015 on several G.I. Joe collectors sites custom painted two versions of this tank. One with weathering; one without.  It’s hard for me to pick my favorite version as I like them both and the vehicle used is the Retaliation Hiss Tank from the movie toy line. The exact method used in painting this tank is a secret that only Cobra Command knows and we know they are not telling. If you want to see more of Jay’s work on this Tank, click on through! Also presented for your reference is the vintage Septic Hiss Tank. This is what inspired the modern version you are looking at. Once again, great job Jay!!


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