A New Direction

With yesterday’s news concerning Stan leaving for CBR, it dawned on me that we need some change. Not because he left but because he was carrying the site for so long. While I do have some huge plans in place for Needless, and trust me I can’t wait to share them with you, I have decided to go old school with the site. Comic coverage will be reduced significantly as no one can fill the shoes of my friend. Stans passion for the comic industry is far beyond what I am capable of doing. His knowledge and understanding of the characters is immense and losing him to CBR is a blow. I always told my people that worked for me to put passion in the stories and use the site as a stepping stone. Im proud he got recognized for his hard work and i’m thrilled he’s taking it to the next level. So where does that leave us?

Like I mentioned, we are going old school with our reporting and we are determined to put the passion back into the toys. I will be spending a considerable amount of time cleaning the site up. Removing old, unneeded articles will help streamline the site and I will be forgoing any forums. There will be other things done outside of readers views but you will notice the changes over time. We will be going back to what worked for so long and kick start more reviews of toys. Our sister organization, Needless Toys will continue to grow and will have a major part in revitalizing the news site. Just know that everything I do here will transfer over with the pending plans. It’s a somber time but an exciting time on Needless Essentials and I hope you all will join me in the fun. For now its business as usual and our first stop of 2020 will be Toy Fair. We will not hold back and i’m sure some feathers will be ruffled. After All, this is a cutthroat business and its time we did some cutting.