Official Press Images- Transformers

Hasbro has sent out official images for their Transformers reveals. This years event was extra sweet due to the Titans and Fort Max takes the cake. This year is going to be expensive so get ready, it’s going to be a tough one. Click on through to check them out! 

Wheelie Vehicle Wheelie Bot VORATH Head Mode titan master sitting in Leader vehicle titan master head Scourge Vehicle Scourge Bot Mode (1) Scourge Alt Mode radio_5 PwrSurgeOP_12_8_15 PowerSurgeOP_Render_2 OP_Aerobolt_Render MINDWIPE Robot Mode MINDWIPE Robot Mode (1) MINDWIPE Alt Mode Maximus Deluxe Robot Maximus City Maximus Big Head Maximus Big Bot Maximus Base Angle Legends LASERBEAK Bot Mode Legends LASERBEAK Tablet Mode Legends RUMBLE Device_Redeco Legends_RUMBLE_Bot_Redeco Legends_RUMBLE_Vehicle_Redeco Leader_Soundwave_titan master robot Leader_Soundwave_third mode EMISSARY Minifig EMISSARY Head Cyclonus Bot Mode Aerobolt_Render AUTOBOT STYLOR Bot Mode AUTOBOT STYLOR Head Mode Blurr Minifig CHROMEDOME Vehicle Mode