Eagle Force Stryker Jr Concept Image

For all the fans that are following Eagle Force Returns on Facebook, they offered up a 1st image. They posted a concept image of Stryker Jr. Fans of this popular line should take notice that 1- the Kickstarter will launch latter this Summer and 2- they will be sharing parts and accessories with Zica Toys The New Adventure People. Check out the update below and of course check out the image. 

Here is the 1st Eagle Force Returns concept image…Stryker Jr. He is the one of a few original characters that will be joining the Eagle Force Returns line up when we kick off the Kickstarter later this summer. We’ll be posting more concept images of other characters soon, but we posted this image because we wanted to highlight the fact that we’ll be sharing parts and a accessories with ZICA Toys “The New Adventure People” Kickstarter which has just relaunched. If that Kickstarter funds, we’ll be able to offer cool figures like this right off the bat and not have to do them as stretch goals. We hope this image gives you an idea of the “bigger picture” for the toy lines that Fresh Monkey Fiction and ZICA Toys are co-developing. If you haven’t already please check out “The New Adventure People” Kickstarter at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1728265268/the-new-adventure-people-0

Stryker Jr Concept Image