Thundercats Club Third Earth Lineup Revealed

Mattel has revealed the figure line-up for their first year of the Thundercats Club Third Earth Subscription service which includes the following:

Lion–O (07/16)
Jackalman (08/16)
Pumyra (09/16)
Club-exclusive: Mumm–Ra (09/16)
Panthro (10/16)
Grune (11/16)
Jaga (12/16)

While only two of the figures in the list have been seen, they plan to open up the enrollment for the service starting on Monday 1/11/16 at 9:00 a.m. PT. It says there will be no extensions for enrollment but does not indicate what the cutoff date to enroll is. We will update that info as soon as we get it.

If you would like to subscribe, click here for more details.
Liono_01 Liono_03 Liono_05 Liono_06