4 Kids Walk Into A Bank In April 2016

Matthew Rosenberg has a great new series coming out from Black Mask in April, 4 Kids Walk Into A Bank. First reported by io9, the new series follows on Rosenberg’s success with We Can Never Go Home, which became one of the surprise hits of 2015.


4kinswalkintoabankDescribed as a classic heist story, 4 Kids Walk Into A Bank sets itself apart with the twist that all of the people involved with the caper are eleven years old. Tyler Boss will provide the art, and Thomas Maurer will provide the lettering for the five issue mini-series. Samples of Boss’s art are included in this article, taken from the comic book’s Facebook page.

An unnamed friend of Rosenberg described it a “Wes Anderson’s version of Dog Day Afternoon.” Those who read the first press release for We Can Never Go Home know that Rosenberg does not throw movie comparisons likely and can be deadly accurate with them. 4 Kids combines the elements of misfit coming-of-age tales and bizarre crime capers with dark comedy.


Rosenberg promises that 4 Kids Walk Into A Bank will be more grounded that We Can Never Go Home, but promises more of the type of character development that made We Can Never Go Home so special. He said in relation to the new series that he was trying to instill humanity within the pages. Given the success of his previous work in making us care about his characters, we are looking forward to this new story.