3A Announces New 2000AD Judge Dredd Line Of Figures

3A announced today that they will be relaunching their 2000AD line in the 1/12 scale format which is approximately a 6″ figure. 2000AD features Judge Dred and many more characters we all have come to love and respect. I do hope this happens as I would kill to add some Judges to my collection. Read on for more!
“I could yap on about the details about the previous years attempts at making the toys ( best moment for me was Ro -Jaws ), but in short in 2014 we are going to relaunch the 2000ad line in 1/12th, I want to make many characters, and frankly the cost and support for large expensive versions just didnt add up, plus we all want a law-master with our Dredd figure ( much much easier and cheaper in 1/12th), hell, we all want a Apocolpyse War era Sov Judge, Judge Anderson, Judge Death, Johnny Alpha with Gronk, Nemesis, fuck, even that todger Ace Garp , plus all the modern era characters.. There are a sh@# load of them, I personally love them all, even Shako..

You guys who have the 1/12th Mongrol have already started your collections, so help me, help 3A get these done by supporting the new line, without you guys it not gonna happen! 2000ad deserves a great toy line, f@#@ that, IT DEMANDS IT!”