FansToys FT-05 Soar (Swoop) Blue Deco!!

FansToys posted new colored prototype images of their Masterpiece style Soar (also know as Swoop). These images reveal the cartoon accurate blue deco on Soar and this will be the next release from fan favorite FansToys.

Soar will come with several accessories including two missile launchers, a light up sword, and a flight stand to capture Soar flying in action. Also revealed in the images is an interchangeable beak/head which will allow you to swap a gold chromed beak into a translucent plastic one with red showing underneath, similarly looking to the G1 toy. Hopefully FansToys corrected some issues that plagued the first release, which many fans are hoping this is the case. Look for this to hit latter this year and right now you can secure one via a pre-order through site sponsor BBTS!

FT-05 – Soar – Iron Dibots No.2

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