Front View of Batmobile

2021 Batman Movie Batmobile Images Released

Director Matt Reeves recently released images of the new Batmobile from Robert Pattinson’s upcoming Batman movie due out June 25th, 2021… and folks, it looks Amazing. The super crazy futuristic Batmobiles of recent movies gone by, are taking a back seat to a much more “realistic” looking tricked-out muscle car. The word on the street is that this Batman movie is going to focus more on the detective side of our Caped Crusader, vice the ‘beat-them-until-they-confess’ version.

Front View of Batmobile

Front View: What does the Joker hate to see come barreling down on him most?

Does this mean the DCU finally got a clue? It’s obvious they will never beat Marvel in over-the-top productions. The 12-year, 23 movie head start Marvel has appears to be too much for DC to overcome. But maybe, if they stick to the down and dirty, smaller scale stories like they are doing now… maybe, just maybe they can become a contender.

Side View of Batmobile

Side View: It just crouches like a panther.

But just who is Matt Reeves? Does he have the chops for big productions? Well he did helm both War of the Planet of the Apes and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, which I loved. Can he work within a smaller more claustrophobic world? Can he give us that grimy Gotham City feel we love so-so much? Well, I guess that depends on how you feel about Cloverfield. But can he build suspense? He has a Horror/Vampire story to his credit called Let Me In from 2010. (hmm… I wonder if this is where Bray Wyatt got his ideas for his new character the Fiend?) I may have to go back and watch this one.

Rear View of Batmobile

Rear View: Look at the engine on that thing!

Either way, just like many other fans, when I heard who was playing the next Batman… I’m not gonna lie. I cringed a bit. But now that the rest of the cast has been announced, now that we are getting teasers and images… well, I must say. My fire to see this movie has just been lit and now 2021 cannot get here fast enough.

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