2019 Mezco One 12 Collective Release List- Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of our 4 part series where we showcase the One 12 Collective releases for 2019. Needless to say 2019 was a stellar year for the One 12 line and we saw a record number of releases. How many did you get and what was your absolute favorite? I know which one was mine and he could very well be on this weeks list. On all regular retail releases we will give the item a ranking, such as good seller, mid range seller or oopsie. Con exclusives and MDX are excluded from this ranking. This will be coming from both a retailer point of view and as a fan with readers input that was sent via messenger. Now for the next 10..

11. Spider-Man Homecoming: Tech Suit

This Spidey was an instant sellout and he is still in demand. In fact, almost every Spider-Man figure Mezco produces becomes an instant hit and this one is no exception. This was a definite good seller.  

12. Blade (Regular)

This was the second Blade release and one of my favorites for 2019. The thing that I loved about this figure was the slew of accessories that came with the release. I also respect the fact that Mezco includes extra parts that can either break easily or become misplaced. The articulation was on spot and the overall detail of the character was honored. With all of this he was a mid rang seller. Don’t ask me why but he moved at a slower pace. My advice is you need to get him before he becomes the next Punisher, value wise. 

13. *MDX Batman: Sovereign Knight – Onyx Edition

I missed this one and I was not pleased. It can be a pain to get the exclusives but everyone has a chance. I had a few collectors message me with their feelings on this release. Two words, bad ass. While a few mentioned that he had more of a rubber look to the figure, he was still a pleasant surprise. 
14. Ghostbusters Deluxe

Now this was one heck of a box set and a very good seller. I could not keep these in stock and I was disappointed that I did not keep one for my collection. Sometimes you need to take care of the customer and that’s exactly what I did. I have decided to grab one on the secondary market this year but it will cost me. With that statement alone you know this was an incredible release. 

15. Sovereign Knight (Reg)

Hot Toys is known for Iron Man and so Mezco is known for Batman. This release was a good seller and by far, one of the best Batman figures released. I love this trilogy Mezco is doing and we are about to close it up soon. 

16. NetFlix Daredevil (Reg)

Daredevil as a whole is a solid B-lister of a character and I, along with many others enjoyed the Netflix series. Mezco did this one justice but many fans felt it was off. Maybe it was the baggy pants. Personally this was a mid range seller but a solid release. I love mine and Im sure you would love yours as well…you just need to buy it. 

17. *MDX Netflix Daredevil – Vigilante Edition

I talked with a few fans about this one and we all agree…it’s decent. Nothing spectacular with it but still as a fan of the character it became a must have. If you missed it you will be okay. 


18. Diabolik

This is the most underrated release Mezco has ever done. This figure of a very niche character from France and he is down right awesome. Seriously you need to get this figure and you need it now. The articulation is spot on and the accessories make for a cool, fun figure. Heck I was using this as a stand in for Night Monkey (Spider-Man fans will get it). Overall he is a mid range seller as hardly no one knows who he is. 

19. Logan (Casual)

One of my favorites for 2019 and the best Logan ever done in any 6 inch figure format. He was a good seller and the head sculpts sold it for me. If you dig Wolverine aka Logan you need this in your life. 

20. The Joker: Clown Prince of Crime Edition

Like Logan, the Joker was another big hit of 2019 and he too is a good seller. While has has slowed down sales wise (due to selling out of Batman), he still comes in near the top for 2019. The only gripe I have and many others say the same is the single jointed elbows. Seriously Mezco, drop the single joints for all future figure releases. 


That’s all for part 2 and look for part 3 soon! Let us know which figure you liked from this list and how many you have!