2019 Mezco One 12 Collective Release List- Part 1

Like many collectors and retailers, we saw a huge spike in releases for Mezco One 12 Collective line. How many you ask? How about 41! Now this does included PX, MDX and Con exclusives. Whew, 2019 was awesome! To celebrate such a wonderful milestone (we love you Mezco) we are going to go through the entire list starting this week and concluding right before all the Toy Fair reveals next month. So sit back and get ready to see what shipped, what you missed and what was just down right awesome! On all regular retail releases we will give the item a ranking, such as good seller, mid range seller or oopsie. Con exclusives and MDX are excluded from this ranking. This will be coming from both a retailer point of view and as a fan with readers input that was sent via messenger. Now for the first 10..


1. *MDX Spider-Man Homecoming Homemade Suit Spider-Man

This was the first MDX Exclusive I kept for myself. Usually I get the exclusives for customers of mine but this one they had to fend for themselves. It’s not like up up charged them anyway but still, I had to keep Spidey. Such a well developed figure!

2. Dawn of the Dead 2Pack

We regretfully passed on this set. Im still looking to get one for my own collection but as a retailer, we decided to skip this one in favor of another…

Now we had some readers chime in saying this set was a monster of a release. The articulation was a miss with the single jointed elbows but the overall details was incredible. Makes me regret missing this set. 

3. Darkseid

This was a good seller and one awesome piece! I believe he was the first release of 2018 and what a way to bring in the new year! Man if you missed this release, shame on you! Mezco needs to make more masterpieces like this again and I mean with polystone. 

4. *MDX Popeye (Sailor Suit)

Holy cow! This was an amazing release and a complete surprise! Mezco knocked Popeye out to left field and yes, this one I decided to keep for myself. If I remember correctly he sold out almost instantly. As a Navy brat I had to get Popeye due to the whites. 

5. Black Panther

Mid range seller- I have no idea what happened with Black Panther. The figure is incredible with excellent articulation. The sculpt was on point and you really could pose him anyway you wanted. He just moved at a slower pace than the others. In fact, we still have a few left in inventory. 

6. *MDX Catwoman (Purple Suit)

We had to pass on this one. Not that I did not like her, it was more of bad timing. I asked a few readers who got her for their thoughts and many prefered the purple release over the regular release. I can dig that and yes, this is a regret I have. 

7. *NYTF Blade (NTFPU)

Honestly I did not care for this version of Blade. I guess it was the colors.  Now this release from Toy Fair did give an insight on how the regular release would feel and that was not disappointing at all. Speaking of which, this one needs to go on display so lets get to it! 

8. *MSENYTF/MDX Agent Gomez

Who knew that a bug would light up a fire in the fanbase. Well Mezco knew it and valla, we got the Mezco mascot! This was released as an MDX exclusive as well and it was the last one I was able to get. Why os that you ask? They keep selling out before I can get my order in, thats why! Gomez is and will always be a fan favorite. The big question to ask, is he a roach or an ant? Who cares he is just badass! 

9. Jason: Friday the 13th Part: III

Jason was a monster of a release and he sold like crazy! He was a good seller and one we wish we would have tripled our orders on. One reader sent in that not only did he get one, he got multiples so he could pose him with each head, Now that’s dedication if there ever was. The horror line is a good seller overall and people like their monsters/ killers. Mezco needs to do another version of Jason but which one?

10. Iron Man (Stealth Suit)

Technically this was a 2018 release but he did come in at the end of the year for many fans. This is a solid exclusive and one that I did get. I’m an Iron Man but so I had to score one. Now that Mezco has completed a few version of Iron Man, its time to get to work on a MK 43 please. 

That’s it for part one folks! With the first 10 how many do you own? So much more to come so check back next week as we tackle 11-20!