2 Dudes Review: Deadpool The Video Game pt1

We have something special for you all today, a 2Dudes Review! If you want to see something funny then you need to check out their review of Deadpool the Video Game! We can never get enough Deadpool so enjoy!

Now you might be wondering what this is and I will explain. Back when we first started the website we had a very talented man running our vodcast (and occasionally he would write something hilarious). Ronnie Dren was a founding member of Needless Essentials Online and the face of the website. With anything, things change and sometimes something incredible rises from the ashes. The Vodcast did not work due to no site and the sheer inexperience held us all back. Fast forward a few years and Ronnie has perfected his art and we now have 2 Dudes Review! While his new project is a solo project he has the full support of the site! Ronnie and his co-owner Matt are killing it and I am proud of him! Enough of the mushy stuff, let’s get to the show! I hope you all enjoy this and look for part 2 later this week.