1/6th scale Superman 3 (Evil Version)

Hot Toys posted info on the upcoming Evil Superman that will be exclusives to the convention circuit. Keep reading for all the info and check out the full gallery below.

Originally a brave and kind-hearted hero with a strong sense of justice, morality and righteousness due to the exposure to synthetic kryptonite in Superman III the movie, Superman has descended into darkness and becomes an evil version of Superman. The showdown between him and Clark Kent at the junkyard is a critical part of the film.

Hot Toys is happy to present the 1/6th scale Superman (Evil Version) Collectible Figure from Superman III as one of the 2013 Toy Fairs Exclusive items. This collectible is specially crafted based on the image of Christopher Reeve in the movie, highlighting the detailed head sculpt, movie-accurate costume and specially-designed figure stage.

Paying tribute to Christopher Reeve, we are pleased to support the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation and their mission to advance research into spinal cord injury and improve quality of life for people living with paralysis.

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