12-inch Cutaway Serenity Replica Up For Order!!!

Do you guys remember this from SDCC? I sure do and it is one amazing piece to behold. This is one of the ultimate Serinity/ Firefly collectibles you will get. While I was doing this write up BBTS put this bad boy up for order. You can go ahead and secure your piece now! Serenity Replica Cutaway

Big news on the Browncoat front! Remember our old friend, the Cutaway Serenity (we previewed her at San Diego Comic Con2013)? Well, we’ve shined her up real nice and got her ready for her close-up!

The 12-inch Cutaway Serenity Replica waiting list is now LIVE. This one’s special, with more than double the size and exterior detail of the LDH Serenity. She’s at 1:250 scale and sports removable upper hull sections, an even more elaborate, screen-accurate paint job and over 200 hand-painted parts!

She’ll retail for $349.95 and will be offered in a numbered, limited-edition of 2,000 pieces.

To make sure you don’t miss out on her release, make sure you get your name on the waiting list:


Ship like this, be with you ’til the day you die.
– Capt. Malcolm Reynolds

Firefly creator Joss Whedon once described the titular ship as the 10th character of the sci-fi TV series. The Firefly-class ship Serenity is much more than mere transportation to her crew: She is home, a refuge and a darned fine getaway vehicle.

Without her corridors and cabins, her crew would have no place to be a family. Serenity brings them together in a way that makes her perhaps the most important character in the show.

So here’s a chance to get to know her better. The Serenity Cutaway Replica is 1:250 scale — more than 50 percent larger than our best-selling Little Damn Heroes Serenity maquette. We’ve more than doubled the exterior detail of the replica and delivered an even more elaborate, screen-accurate paint job. Like our LDH Serenity, the Cutaway Serenity replica was created using the original 3-D effects files from the TV show, ensuring maximum accuracy for its scale.

But the real fun starts when you lift the upper hull sections, which attach securely to the lower half of the model using magnets. You can view the cockpit, main corridor and galley furnished with chairs, consoles, rugs and storage lockers. All the key elements of those sets are reproduced in the model, with some of the interior details measuring barely two millimeters.

The Serenity Cutaway Replica is comprised of more than 200 hand-painted parts and includes a premium display stand that will allow you to show off your favorite boat with pride.

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