Will Funko be Shelving the 6″ Super Sized POPS?

Some info has just emerged that the 6″ oversized Funko POPS could be shelved. It was stated that anything in production would be released but after that the line will be put on ice for the time being. I sure hope this is not the case as the 6″ line sold well for us and other dealers. Here is the info that was posted:

6″ Funko Pops!
Looks like we will not see 6″ Pops anymore (well at least until further noticed)
6″ Pops are not Selling Well for Funko therefore they will not be made
The last 6″ pops we will be seeing are the ones already in production (D.va with meka & etc)
This is coming from Funko Designer shanna duncan

We are reaching out to Funko for clarification on this and will update accordingly