Why haven’t there been more comic articles and reviews?

Hi. everyone, Stan Ford, here, chief of the comics side of the web site. I need to address some things that may have been nagging some of you the way that it’s been nagging me. There’s a dearth of comic articles on the web site, and I need to explain why, if for no reason, than to explore it myself.

First and foremost, I’ve been busy with other things. I haven’t seen Justice League or even Thor: Raganarok. Also, between family, a day job and a terrible few weeks with a series of colds and viruses running through the family, there just hasn’t been time to get up and talk about the new Editor-In-Chief of Marvel, much less research him or the reasons why the old one was replaced. Reading comics to review takes time and by the time I’ve read one, the time to write a review of a mediocre or even bad comic just isn’t there. Which brings me to the second point.

There just hasn’t been a lot to excite me about comics lately. My favorite comics are webcomics, and even there, I’ve trimmed down the ones I read regularly down to two, sometimes three. The comics that used to excite me just aren’t doing it anymore. Archie has suffered from a depressive frustration that drags me down just to read it. Vampirella seems to have lost it’s retro science fiction appeal to resemble more of what drove me from the character in the first place. Spider-Gwen is good, but seems to be dragging out a story to the point that my interest is waning. I just want something… astounding.

I remember opening the PDF of We Can Never Go Home and being amazed. I remember the first issue of the new Vampirella having a feeling of being something that finally remembered where the character came from. Spider-Gwen made me yearn for the days when Peter Parker couldn’t catch a break, yet occasionally did. I long for the days when opening an Archie comic had a moment of anticipation, where I didn’t know what to expect. Last weekend, I stood in Heroes Aren’t Hard To Find before the long wall of recent books and looked for something to buy, and found myself wanting. Nothing seemed appealing. Nothing jumped out and screamed for me to open it, much less buy it.

This malaise has even affected my back issue reading. A new Review of Old Comics is a month in the making, as the motivation to summarize two stories from classic creators just doesn’t materialize. Even putting away old copies of Legion comics I’ve bought for my collection has fallen away, and discovery of one that depicts sexual assault just leaves me sad in light of the wave of revelations in the political and entertainment world. 

Comics should be good. In the past, when I was a creator, this would be the driving force for me to set aside an hour a day to work on a new Jet-Pack Jenny story. Now, I don’t think I have the motivation to make that happen, even just to set aside time to write every day about an industry that maybe has grown away from me, or I from it. Hopefully, this is temporary, and for the sake of the industry, I certainly pray that it is.