Vote for The Next Walking Dead Minimate Zombie!

Make your voice heard and pick a zombie! Your vote will decide on a new Walking Dead Minimiate Zombie so pick wisely and tell your friends! I voted so did you?

Recently, Diamond Select Toys teamed up with Walking Dead Magazine to create a poll in which WDM readers could vote on a future Walking Dead Minimate! Voters would choose one of eight zombies from the comic books who would be made in a future assortment of Walking Dead Minimates. If you haven’t read the behind-the-scenes article on how Walking Dead Minimates are made, go pick up a copy! Then go here and vote on which zombie would make the best Minimate! Here are the choices:


1. Beard Zombie 

2. Chains Zombie 

3. Fanboy Zombie 

4. Hoodie Zombie 

5. Librarian Zombie 

6. Old Man Zombie 

7. Overalls Zombie 

8. Prom Zombie 

Click HERE to vote!