Voltron Classic ’84 Blue Lion Review

Have you guys and gals seen the new Playmates Voltron toys? You know, the classic Lions? If no then I do have a surprise for you today. Playmates was gracious enough to send us some samples for review and I must say, these are some of the best Voltron toys Iv’e ever laid hands on! How so you ask? Well you must read on to find out.  

Up for review is the Blue Lion from the new Voltron Classic ’84 toy line. When these first arrived, I was flabbergasted at the massive size of this toy. I had seen images previously, but the overall size of Voltron did not register. This has to be one of the largest Voltron toys produced to date for the classic 1984 look. So lets dive right on in with the Blue Lion. 

First things first, we always look at overall articulation in a toy and the Blue Lion has plenty. You are looking at 11 points and with that you can pose him in some pretty cool positions. You have articulation is all four legs and leg joints, his feet, tail and of course his head. Since he is a leg piece, he has more moveability in his head. You can move it from side to side and up and down. Plus his jaws do open. 

Of course he is a lion so there is not a whole lot you can do BUT the original toy was around the same. I remember as a kid playing with my individual lions and really having a blast of a time. You will get that same nostalgia feeling from this piece.  Remember, this is just one part to Voltron so keep that in mind. Personally, I really like the Blue Lion. It has to be the colors to tell the truth as he does pop when displayed. As mentioned above, the articulation is above standard, and that gives you playability with this toy. One of my favorite poses is the “prancing” pose. He is very elegant after all so yeah, he can prance all he wants. 

Included with the Lion is a few accessories that can be placed on the actual toy. He does come with a blade weapon that fits in his mouth. You can change up on where you put the accessories on the lion but know, they only fit on his legs. Still, this is an added bonus for play my friends. The overall feel of the Blue Lion is good and he seems like a sturdy leg for the big guy. There is no die-cast of course but for something that will be 16 inches tall, I’m fine with that as well. 

Overall this is a wonderful piece and he looks so grand on display. Of course I figured out Playmates ultimate goal here; provide these guys with some samples and they will rush out and buy the rest (which we did)! They were right with that assumption because these are fantastic toys for both children and collectors. Kudos to you Playmates, kudos. Do yourself a favor, go buy a set today, you will not be disappointed!  

Next week look for the Red Lion review and once Toy Fair coverage is wrapped, we will continue the reviews leading up to the big guy himself. A huge thanks goes out to Playmates for the samples and enough of my babbling, check out the review images below and you will see for yourself.