Vertigo Comics COFFIN HILL #3 First Look!

Vertigo Comics is slowly becoming one of my favorite brands. As of late I have been enjoying their tittles and I look forward to many more to come! DC Comics definitely needs to nurture Vertigo and get more quality books out (not saying their not, I just want more!). Coffin Hill was a surprise hit and everyone I know is talking about this book in the shop. Check out the first look today and look for it on the stands tomorrow!

Meanwhile, in the woods behind Coffin Hill, an old deposit of skulls and bones is keeping Police Chief Nate Finn busy while the fate of two missing teenagers remains a mystery. Nate privately confesses to Eve that he knows there’s “something in the woods,” because he witnessed more of the ritual that Eve, Dani, and Mel performed that fateful night ten years ago than he has ever let on. The same blood-soaked ritual that drove Eve from Coffin Hill for a decade, caused the death of Dani, and left her best friend in a catatonic state.

Eve’s homecoming proves that the past is never quite left in the past, and Nate and Eve’s history catches up with them faster than either of them is prepared for. COFFIN HILL #3, written by Caitlin Kittredge and illustrated by Inaki Miranda, hits shelves on Wednesday.

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