Ultimate Storm Shadow Review!

If Hasbro was to retire Storm Shadow I would be pleased. This my friends, is indeed the Ultimate Storm Shadow to have in your collection. For once I am speechless, I really do not know what to write. This figure is fantastic to say the least and the accessories, well, he has a ton! This figure truly deserves the tittle of “Ultimate”.

ARAH fans will eat him up; movie fans will do the same. See, you can alternate between classic and movie with a switch of a head. Ingenuous I say, I wish it would have been done sooner on other figures. Possibility is key for this figure and he sports all the articulation we come to expect from a Joe figure. I really dig the ankle joints which enables the figure to take on some cool posses. The winner with this figure is indeed the accessories. My advise for all openers is to A-zip lock those accessories and B-zip lock those accessories; they will get lost.

The guys behind these figures did a tremendous job and should be thanked. Hasbro as a whole delivered something truly impressive with this toy and I hope you guys and gals can find one in the wild. If you see him, snag him or face another Renegades Storm Shadow  debacle on the secondary market. This Stormy will be HOT.

Enjoy the high ress photos and if you want to see anymore, let us know!


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  • Shogi

    So what’s the backpack/claw looking thing? Is it a jet pack or does it double as some device to allow your figure to do mid-air kicks and spins?

    • Tracy Isenhour

      Its a device that enables you to do ninja stuff. Looks really cool but that is the main function of that item.

  • erniescybertron

    Wow looks nasty! Looks like he stepped right outta the comic book. Cartoon as well if you wanna get technical. Sleeveless muscular crazy posabilaty n both heads. Honestly if you are a true g1 fan or a 80’s baby like myself. You know there is only one thing missing to make him not just ultimate but perfect. The hooded head sculp! Outside of that minor detail this figure is Perfect!