Ultimate Comics Break In- They need Your Help!

Ultimate Comics in North Carolina experienced something truly awful as all three of their stores were broken into on 6/10/18. Anytime we have to report on these situations, it ticks us off. As someone who works in the industry, things like this can be devastating. Ultimate is reporting a loss of around 20,000 dollars. In fact, here is what they posted:

Last night, June 10th, all three Ultimate Comics physical store locations in North Carolina were broken into and burglarized. Over $20,000 worth of comic books, toys and merchandise were stolen, glass display cases smashed, and the store’s windows were broken for entry.

Ultimate Comics surveillance system captured this image:

Ultimate also posted this:

Luckily, no one was hurt, and the stores themselves are boarded up, being cleaned, and will be open today. Obviously if you have any information on the situation please contact owner Alan Gill at: alan@nccomicon.com.  All info will be considered confidential, but to anonymously report any information, please use the contact form at: http://ultimatecomics.com/contact/

So now, what? Now Ultimate Comics needs a little help from it’s friends. If you’re in the position to help we simply ask you to consider maybe picking up an extra book, trying a new title, or simply stopping in to show your support. If you can’t stop in or maybe live too far away, please consider pre-ordering our Batman #50 store exclusive by Nick Derington you can purchase here: http://ultimatecomics.com/batman-50-exclusive-covers/. This is a gorgeous collector’s item and great a way to help Ultimate Comics get back on our feet after this devastating hit.

And whether you’re a comic’s pro, news outlet, fellow store, or a fan like us, every re-tweet, share, or shout-out helps too! Let people know they can support Ultimate Comics by grabbing a copy of one of the year’s hottest comic books, stopping by or giving us a shout online!

And we would be remiss to say that even though this is a tragedy, one that we’re really only beginning to assess…how “comic book” is it that we were “struck by a crime wave?”

 Help spread the word folks! The more people that share this will lead these individuals to justice! Plus you could be rewarded. One local store, Ssalefish Comics will be offering a $1000 reward for the capture of these folks. Ultimate Comics are friends of ours and we do many of their shows so this one hits home. Help in anyway you can gang and lets band together as a community to show these guys some much needed love. 

Also here is one list of stolen goods.