U.K. Toy Fair Reveals New Dr Who Figures & Collectibles

The U.K. Toy Fair kicked off this week and thanks to DoctorWho.tv we have new images of some upcoming 3.75″ figures for 2014 that includes characters from both the 50th anniversary and Christmas specials.

– Zygon,
– Clara Oswald
– Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor
– Weeping Angel
– Assault Dalek
– Imperial Guard Dalek and
– Peter Capaldi’s Twelfth Doctor

There were also new vinyl figures revealed from Titan. The Geronimo! Collection featuring characters from Series 7 as well as The Gallifrey Collection, complete with a Rose Tyler and Bad Wolf TARDIS. A new 6.5″ Eleventh Doctor and Tenth Doctor, both with sonic screwdrivers were revealed as well.

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