Tribute to Jeremy Dale At South Carolina Comic Con

If your a GI Joe collector then you have been exposed to the great work of Jeremy Dale. Many of you might remember that Jeremy passed away back in November. His death stunned comic fans and creators who knew him and left a void that no one can replace. Jeremy was an outstanding artist who enjoyed telling stories through his art. For someone so young, he had an impressive resume of published work, including some of the comics from the Hasbro released comic packs. His most recent work consisted of Skyward. This coming weekend will allow fans and friends to honor his legacy and honor the man he was. 

Not many details have been revealed about his untimely death, but now, one of his closest friends, Joe Peacock has written an emotional essay about the common flu that quickly took his friend far too soon. He left behind a loving wife and family along with his budding legacy.

If you know his work and your planning on coming to South Carolina Comic Con then check this out:

This weekend at South Carolina Comic Con, we will be paying tribute to the life and work of Jeremy Dale with a Drink and Draw on Saturday, March 21, from 7PM until whenever at Quest Brewing Company. Whether or not you can draw, you can most certainly drink. Come on out and celebrate with them.

If you want to see Jeremys work or find other issues he worked on then check out the list below. I personally will remember him for his outstanding work on the GI Joe Comic packs. Even though he only did 6 issues, those issues remain some of my favorite from the line. I know some of his works will be tough to locate as the comic packs are long gone. Skyward is the most recent works so I would start with that.

  • Trust #1-6 (2003–2004)
  • Absolute Zeroes #1-3(2005–2006)
  • Eclipse & Vega: The Beds We Make #2 (2005)
  • Wildguard: Fool’s Gold #1 (Image Comics, 2005)
  • City of Heroes #5 (Devil’s Due Publishing, 2005)
  • Storytellers: A 24 Hour Tale (2005)
  • Comics JamWar (2006)
  • BIZMAR Anthology (2006)
  • Saiko #2 (2006)
  • Heroforge Ink Sketchbook (2007)
  • My Favorite Characters (2007)
  • HOPE: New Orleans (2007)
  • Popgun v. 1 (Image Comics, 2007)
  • Space Doubles #1 (Th3rd World Studios, 2007)
  • Sniper and Rook Sketchbook (2007)
  • G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero (Devil’s Due Publishing, 2008)
  • Miserable Dastards #1-4 (2008)
  • Skyward #1-9 (2011-2014)

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