Top Fifty Transformers Nominated By You

Alright, in honor of the Transformers Thirtieth Anniversary we here at Needless Essentials are doing a Top 50 Countdown and we need your help.

Here’s what you do:

1) Write your top 15 Transformers in the comments section below or
2) Write your top 15 Transformers on our facebook page

3) They must be Hasbro or Takara only (no third party). TFCC can be used as well.

Have them in by May 10th and come back to find out who made the grade and if your top guy is THE top Transformers.

Now get them ballots in and ROLL THEM OUT

UPDATE!!! You have till Saturday May 31st to get your selection in. We will cut it off at that point. Now for everyone who participates with this project you will be entered in for a chance to win a Hasbro Leader class Jetfire! Yes, you read that right. If you post your top 15 Transformers we will add your name in a drawing to win a new Jetfire from Hasbro Toys! All you need to do to enter is post em up! Spread the word and get your nominations in!




  • MBob Saget

    Just give us your top fifteen here or click the facebook link at the top of the page and post it on our facebook. And while your there, like us as well.

  • Tracy Isenhour

    Andrew Whitworth I’ll put these here since the site doesn’t want to let me type anything.
    1. Optimus Prime
    2. Galvatron
    3. Starscream
    4. Soundwave
    5. Grimlock
    6. Rodimus Prime
    7. Goldbug
    8. Shockwave
    9. Kickback
    10. Devastator
    11. Skywarp
    12. Thrust
    13. Swoop
    14. Pro
    15. Bombshell .
    All G1 of course.

  • For whatever it’s worth, I’m going by toy, and not by character. Thus, my favorite character of all time (Marvel G1 Ratchet) isn’t mentioned, because no good toy approximating that character exists.

    In no particular order:

    1. MP Prowl
    2. Brainstorm
    3. Fastlane/Cloudraker (kind of has to count as 1, IMHO)
    4. G1 Fortress Maximus
    5. G2 Megatron
    6. G2 Dreadwing
    7. MP-10 Optimus Prime
    8. 2012 G2 Bruticus (again, has to count as a set)
    9. G1 Metroplex
    10. Reverse Convoy/Rebirth Megatron
    11. RiD Scourge
    12. OTFCC Megazarak
    13. BotCon 2011 SG (AMTC) Thundercracker
    14. RtS Special Ops Jazz
    15. Darkmount (aka Straxus)

    • Colbey Hopper

      Love your Reverse Convoy / Rebirth Megatron pick!

  • Tracy Isenhour

    I see a few that will make the cut, keep em coming!!

  • Michael Welch

    Ok, here is my list… in no particular order…

    1) RtS Special Ops Jazz
    2) Masterpiece Optimus Prime (the new version I do not own yet…)
    3) Classic/Generation whatever Tracks
    4) the new Metroplex Titan Class figure
    5) Generations Voyager Class Springer
    6) G2 Megatron
    7) G1 Sky Lynx
    8) Alternators/Binaltech Jazz
    9) Classics Starscream
    10) RiD Scourge
    11) MP Smokescreen
    12) Cybertron Optimus Prime
    13) Animated Blurr
    14) RiD Trainbot Combiner — Rail Racer
    15) RotF Optimus Prime(either version)

  • Jack Nathan Russell Robinson

    In ascending order:

    1) Masterpiece Grimlock
    2) Masterpiece Optimus Prime (MP-10)
    3) Masterpiece Soundwave
    4) G1 Fortress Maximus
    5) Masterpice Prowl
    6) Unicron (2011)
    7) Alternators Shockblast
    8) G1 Jazz
    9) G1 Scorponok
    10) Classics Bumblebee
    11) Animated Bulkhead (Leader Class)
    12) Animated Megatron (Leader Class)
    13) G1 Jetfire
    14) G1 Tracks
    15) G1 Ravage

  • Tracy Isenhour

    Awesome! I can say for sure that some of those will make the top 50!

  • MBob Saget

    I’m liking what I’m seeing.

  • I (Heart) Bruticuses

    Love this! Here’s mine:
    1.) MP-10 (any variation
    2.) Generations/Tak Metroplex
    3.) Generations Springer
    4.) MP Prowl/Streak
    5.)G1 Optimus Prime
    6.)G1 Bumblebee
    7.) RTS Jazz
    8.) MP Soundwave
    9.) Classics Ravage (I have my reasons)
    10.) Generations Swerve
    11.) G1 Predaking
    12.) G1 Devastator
    13.) United Rumble & Frenzy
    14.) G2 Megatron
    15.) Generations Skids

  • Tracy Isenhour

    DevilFangs Nah D Bytes 1. Soundwave
    2. Unicron
    3. Devastator/Constructicon Team
    4. Megatron
    5. Shockwave
    6. Ravage
    7. Frenzy
    8. Rumble
    9. Rat Bat
    10. Skywarp
    11. Tripticon
    12. Starscream
    13. Thundercracker
    14. Galvatron
    15. Grimlock (only one autobot hehe)

  • Sean Lykins

    1.Transformers Animated Leader Class Megatron
    2.G1 Masterpiece Optimus Prime
    3.G1 Masterpiece Sound Wave
    4.G1 Shockwave
    5.G1 Perceptor
    6.G1 Arcee
    7.Beastwars Evil Predacon Megatron
    8.G1 Omega Supreme
    9.Masterpiece Rodimus Prime
    10.G1 Laserbeak
    11.G1 Grimlock
    12. G1 Astrotrain
    13.Transformers Armada Supreme Class Unicron
    14.G1 Megatron
    15.G1 Sharkticon Gnaw

  • Scott Perrett

    In no particular order:

    Masterpiece Soundwave
    Beast Wars Transmetal Depth Charge
    Botcon 2001 Beast Wars Tigatron

    G1 Megatron
    G1 Squawkbox
    G1 Jetfire
    G1 Fort Max
    Super-God Masterforce God Ginrai
    G1 Reflector
    RiD Optimus Prime
    Armada Unicron
    Energon Snow Cat
    G1 Shockwave

    Generations Autobot Whirl
    Generations Autobot Cosmos

  • K B

    1) G1 Menasor
    2) G1 Devastator
    3) G2 Menasor (never released but I will own this set one day!)
    4) G1 Jetfire
    5) Takara MP-01
    6) Hasbro Generations Optimus Prime
    7) Takara Tokyo Toy Show Nemesis Prime
    8) Fortress Maximus
    9) Hasbro Year of the Snake Omega Supreme
    10) G1 Scorponok
    11) G1 Bruticus
    12) Takara G1 Overlord
    13) Takara MP-13
    14) G1 Superion
    15) G1 Optimus Prime

  • Travis Webber

    1) RID Fire Convoy
    2) G1 Jazz
    3) Metroplex (2013)
    4) G1 Scattershot
    5) G1 Blaster
    6) Generations Cosmos
    7) G1 Hot Spot
    8) G1 Seaspray
    9) G1 Hardhead
    10) Generations Sandstorm
    11) G1 Powerglide
    12) Energon Landmine
    13) G1 Preceptor
    14) Classics Jetfire
    15) Masterpiece Grimlock

  • Greg Schueller

    1. Classics Optimus
    2. Classics Kup
    3. Generations Swerve
    4. Generations Springer
    5. Classics Skids
    6. Universe Hound
    7. RTS Jazz
    8. Beast Hunters Shockwave
    9. Generations Sandstorm
    10. Generations Blurr
    11. Generations Cosmos
    12. Generations Waspnator
    13. Generations Rhinox
    14. MP10 Optimus Prime
    15. MP Prowl

  • Kevin Pitts

    1 Optimus Prime
    2 Megatron
    3 Soundwave
    4 Starscream
    5 Shockwave
    6 Devastator
    7 Omega Supreme
    8 Tripticon
    9 Metroplex
    10 Predaking
    11 Ultra Magnus
    12 Jetfire
    13 Grimlock
    14 Blitzwing
    15 Reflector

  • getrightrobot

    In Order:
    1)Generation One Optimus Prime/Convoy
    2)MP 10
    3)Generation One Fortress Maximus
    4)Masterpiece Soundwave
    5)IDW Generations Springer
    6)Generation One Star Saber
    7)Universe “Classics” Hound
    8)RotF Buster Prime
    9)Beast Wars Megatron
    10)Alternators Jaguar Ravage
    11)Generation One Sixshot
    12)Generations Metroplex
    13)Masterpiece Rodimus
    15)Universe “Classics” Jazz

  • Nick O

    1) MP Optimus Prime (MP-10)
    2) MP Soundwave (TRU version)
    3) MP Grimlock
    4) MP Prowl
    5) Unicron ( Amazon edition)
    6) MP Sideswipe
    7) Transformers Prime Vechicon
    8) Classics Bumblebee
    9) Generations Kup
    10) Generation Metroplex
    11) G1 Optimus Prime
    12) G1 Omega Supreme
    13) G1 Shockwave
    14) MP Rodimus
    15) Generations Hound

  • Ashley L

    1. Masterpiece Starscream
    2. Generations Metroplex
    3. Vintage Shockwave
    4. Masterpiece Soundwave
    5. Thrust
    6. Vintage Optimus Prime
    7. Vintage Scorponok
    8. Masterpiece Thundercracker
    9. Vintage Blaster
    10. Vintage Soundwave
    11. Fortress Maximus
    12. Masterpiece Optimus Prime
    13. Masterpiece Grimlock
    14. Predaking
    15. Devastator