Top Fifty Transformers Nominated By You

Alright, in honor of the Transformers Thirtieth Anniversary we here at Needless Essentials are doing a Top 50 Countdown and we need your help.

Here’s what you do:

1) Write your top 15 Transformers in the comments section below or
2) Write your top 15 Transformers on our facebook page

3) They must be Hasbro or Takara only (no third party). TFCC can be used as well.

Have them in by May 10th and come back to find out who made the grade and if your top guy is THE top Transformers.

Now get them ballots in and ROLL THEM OUT

UPDATE!!! You have till Saturday May 31st to get your selection in. We will cut it off at that point. Now for everyone who participates with this project you will be entered in for a chance to win a Hasbro Leader class Jetfire! Yes, you read that right. If you post your top 15 Transformers we will add your name in a drawing to win a new Jetfire from Hasbro Toys! All you need to do to enter is post em up! Spread the word and get your nominations in!