Top 10 Horror Themed Characters In Comics

First off, Brother Voodoo isn’t on the list. I set the preview image so it wouldn’t reveal anyone on the list.

A Halloween Celebration month wouldn’t be complete without a list of the Top 10 Comic Book Characters with their basis in the horror genre. Before going on with the list the stipulations are that they must have originated in comics, not be a translation of another character (Cap Wolf, Frankenstein Punisher) and not be based on a classic character from other media (any version of Dracula or Frankenstein’s monster).Now that we’re all clear on that, let’s see what the list is.

10. Ghost


Despite this character never quite finding the success of some characters on this list, Ghost constantly draws creators in to take another shot at her, but writer Eric Luke is to credit for much of her development. Elisa Cameron was killed, but upon her death, lingered on with an ability to temporarily become tangible which she uses to fire guns at criminals. She also made use of an ability to jump through space by passing through a hellish dimension. A lot of her early popularity is due to an appearance that was partially, if not fully developed by Adam Hughes. Her story, methods, and powers are straight out of pulp stories, which helps keep her timeless, rather than tie her into the 1990s that she was created in.

9. Morbius, the Living Vampire


Michael Morbius was a scientist who suffered from a rare blood disease. He created an experimental cure derived from vampire bats and electroshock therapy. Instead of curing him, he became a pseudo-vampire, needing to drink blood to survive, having superhuman strength and the ability to fly, but having a strong aversion to sunlight. His appearance became more bat-like but with chalk-white skin. At different times, he has operated both as a hero and a villain, and sometimes operating behind the scenes in one of those two roles. He’s often skirted the boundaries of the mystical Marvel Universe, crossing paths with true vampires.

8. Deadman


Boston Brand was a star circus trapeze artist murdered as part of an initiation into the League of Assassins. As a ghost, he was given the ability to possess living beings from the Hindu Goddess Rama Kushna in order loate and seek justice for his murderers. Deadman both crossed paths with DC’s super-hero pantheon and had adventurers in the more mystical parts of the DC Universe. In the mini-series Kingdom Come he was depicted as a skeleton wearing his Deadman costume, based upon the deteroating physical appearance given to him by artist Kelley Jones. He returned to his more human appearance prior to the events of Blackest Night and Brightest Day which saw him temporarily restored to life.

7. The Demon Etrigan


Created by Jack Kirby, The Demon is bonded to Jason Blood in the times of Camelot. Surviving into present day, Jason Blood and Etrigan have each tried to destroy the other, but being bonded as they are, never quite succeeding. A spell in verse form is required to free Etrigan and once again to make Jason Blood ascendant. Etrigan has risen and fallen in the ranks of Hell, but becoming most noted for his time in the Rhyming Caste, wherein he began speaking in verse.

6. Vampirella


Created initially as a horror comics hostess, Vampirella realized her potential when she began starring in her own comics published in Warren magazines. Originally hailing from the planet Drakulon, which had rivers of blood that were drying up, Vampirella made her way to Earth seeking blood to save her people, but eventually becoming an adversary to Dracula, who had himself come from Drakulon but been corrupted and evil. Her origin has changed many times and today she sees herself only able to survive on the blood of other vampires.

5. Ghost Rider


Johnny Blaze sold his soul to cure his father figure’s cancer. The demon Mephisto bonded Johnny with the demon Zarathos, whose power Johnny could summon to transform himself into the Ghost Rider, the spirit of vengeance with a flaming Skull riding a fiery motorcycle. Mephisto even arranged for the man whose cancer he cured to die in a terrible motorcycle stunt, making Johnny’s sacrifice for naught. Over the years, Zarathos would gain more and more control of the Ghost Rider persona, until Zarathos left Johnny Blaze’s body to torment a servant of Mephisto that sought to destroy the demon by separating Johnny Blaze’s soul from the Ghost Rider. Johnny Blaze went onto other adventures, but his original sstories as the Ghost Rider were so well received that they became the basis of two films.

4.John Constatine


A chain-smoking paranormal expert, John Constantine has crossed paths with the most powerful mystical entities in creation and lived to do so again and again. Bargaining his soul to multiple factions in hell, he ensured his survival so that a catastrophic war would not rage over who gets to torture him for eternity. He has connections throughout the mystic circles of the DC  and Vertigo universes, learning from Zatanna, and managing to anger just about everyone else. Even though his Vertigo series ended, Constantine has become a staple of the New 52 DC Universe as a member of Justice League Dark.

3. Hellboy


Created by Mike Mignola, Hellboy became an instant favorite character due to his crass personality, and mysterious origins. Summoned from hell as an infant in the final days of World War II and armed with the Right Hand of Doom, Hellboy grew into a role in the paranormal investigative Bureau, the B.P.R.D. The character translated very well into two films and despite his origins being revealed slowly, he remained popular enough to spin off several of his supporting cast into their own series and mini-series.

2. the Spectre


In the 1940s detective Jim Corrigan was murdered and found himself resurrected as the Spectre to bring justice to evildoers. The Spectre has risen and fallen on the mystical power levels of the DC Universe, at his weakest being little more than an invisible sidekick, and at his most powerful, holding apart merging parallel Earths. Often the Spectre has been a spirit of vengeance, often dealing harsh and horrific judgement upon those that would do evil. The necessity for his various hosts was demonstrated when without a mortal host to guide him, the Spectre found himself used by Eclipso to nearly destroy all magic in the DC Universe. Throughout his history, whenever the character appears, others dread his presence.

1. Swamp Thing


When Alec Holland was murdered and fled into the swamp in vain attempt for survival, what emerged was a muck encrusted creature only vaguely human in appearance. Under writer Alan Moore, Swamp Thing was revealed to be an Earth elemental, capable of so much more than lumbering power. He traveled the universe , the afterlife, space and time, and using John Constantine, fathered a child fated to take his place as Earth’s plant elemental. Linked to the living spirit of all plants, he can grow himself in various places over and over again in his role as a protector.