The Walking Dead – The Governor and The Fish Tank Room Gallery

McFarlane Toys surprised everyone with the reveal of the Walking Dead Building sets. They are not your typical blocks; in fact they are¬†something really different. Think of a high end display that you can build using blocks BUT you can’t tell it’s blocks, that is the Walking Dead sets.

Most building blocks have play options; these do not. What they do offer is the ability to set up dioramas and expand on that notion. You can buy mystery packs and figure packs to expand your Walking Dead sets. This is a major cool factor for these sets and having options to build a heard of walkers is mind boggling. Plus you can add in all the major characters!

I love building block as I have tons of LEGO and Kre-O sets and mini figures so of course I had to give McFarlane Toys a chance. The first set I snagged was the Governor and Fish Tank Room. This set was actually really entertaining to build. At first it was monotonous but once you start seeing the wall going up and the floor complete you start to see how this set will look. Everything works well together and the blocks have a nice tight grip. The best part to this was the fish tanks. Having them light up was awesome and definitely makes for an eerie scene.  You have options in building the tanks and you can move the furniture around anywhere you like. On the flip side I do not see many options for expansion but I do plan to add a few more characters to the mix. Still this was a great start for McFarlane and I hope to build more sets soon. Check out the images below and be on the look out; they are hitting Toys R Us in good numbers.

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