The Walking Dead Daryl & Merle Dixon 2 PK Review!

For your viewing pleasure I am proud to present the  Walking Dead Daryl & Merle Dixon 2 pack. There is no question regarding the popularity of The Walking Dead. That popularity has successfully moved into the collectibles market. When the figures first hit they were tough as nails to find. People really did not know what to think of the show and some collectors showed skepticism to the property. For the lucky few who picked up the first series you guys know how expensive that initial set is.

McFarlane Toys finally gave fans something they wanted; another shot of owning the shows most popular character. Daryl Dixon is by far, the most expensive figure in the line and everyone has a second chance of owning him. The other figure is his brother (hence the title of the review) and one of the shows first antagonist…Merle Dixon. I must admit, I hated that character at first but he did grow on me at the end. Now on to the review..

Daryl Dixon:

The figure as a whole is excellent but he does suffer from some issues. The first being a static pre pose body. What I mean is this. He is sculpted to hold his crossbow but once you take that away he looks a little strange. Needless forum MOD and Contributor Shogi did a review on the original figure on our old site. Here is an excerpt:

Sadly, Daryl is a typical McFarlane toy here in that he looks great in one particular pose but if you change his pose to something else, the illusion falls away. The sculpt not only looks bad when you use the articulation, in some instances, it just gets in the way. The swivel waist is unusable due to the overhanging shirt and the feet are hindered by the pants leg cuffs. Another nitpick of mine is the swivel biceps. It’s just a straight cut across the bicep. McFarlane needs to start looking at some other toy lines out there (MOTUC & Marvel Legends) to see how bicep articulation is done effectively while retaining the aesthetic of the anatomy.

I will say the articulation is not a total failure, the neck and wrist articulation is some of the best I’ve seen and allows for a wide range of motion.

I was under the impression that we were getting a new sculpt for Daryl but the figures look to be identical minus the squirrels. This should help drive down prices on the first release.

Merle Dixon:

I absolutely love this figure. I really dig the accessories but the rifle is a little wanky; have no idea on what to do with the strap. Other than that the sculpt is spot on to the actor and the bayonet hand is a win!  All in all, I like this pack. Yeah, it could be better but still, I like it.  McFarlane is killing these toys (and in a good way!) and I look forward to what they have planned for next year. If your a fan of the show and the toys then you need this pack. If you have not heard, we are giving one of these away just for liking our Facebook page. Once we hit 200 we will have a drawing. It’s a win win situation!

002DarylFull_703x1024 Here is the original Daryl from series 1

008DarylArticulation_958x768Take a look at Daryl and compare him to the new version. Now on to the new pics

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