The Universal Monsters Legacy Series 3 Box Set Stands Revealed!

This one is for all you classic Universal Monster fans. DST will be releasing last years full color set in a glorious grayscale color as a homage to the original appearances. Read on for more information!

For years, classic black-and-white horror movies had color added to them against their will. Well, now we’re taking the color back! We’ve taken our full-color Universal Monsters figures from last Halloween, and we’re re-releasing them in glorious grayscale, just as they first appeared! The Invisible Man, the Phantom of the Opera and the Metaluna Mutant from This Island Earth (which was originally in color, but humor us) will come together in the third box set from the Universal Monsters Legacy Series! Look for this window box of wonderment to hit comic shops and specialty stores next month, at a suggested price of $50. Check out the packaged pics below, and find your nearest comic shop! Or pre-order it in our web store!

UMLegacy3inpkg1 UMLegacy3inpkg2a UMLegacy3inpkgback1 UMLegacySeries3