The Ultimate Guide to G.I. Joe 3rd Edition is Coming

As a GI Joe collector, Mark Bellomo’s book has been and still is a major resource guide in identification and completing figures and vehicles. You all know that both the first edition and the second edition has been sold out for ages. The secondary prices for these books are astronomically high but I have some good news! Mark Bellomo has announced the the green-light for the 3rd edition of the book!  This is from Mark: “Page count is 336–adding 32 pages to the 2nd edition’s 304–for all the new stuff discovered since, as well as restoring the index. Lots of new info to read on favorite old school characters, accessories, mail-always, playsets, vehicles, weapon systems, and sundry ephemera.

And it’ll be printed in hardcover” 

Holy cow folks, this one will be epic! No word on when but just know, its coming! More info to be released latter on this and we will post pre-order info when we get it.