The Art Of The Living Dead Dolls Book Review

What can be said about a line of terrifying dolls that can and will haunt your nightmares? Oh so very much and we are here to not only bring you some killer nightmares but to show off a killer book. The Living Dead Dolls is a line that has grown way beyond what anyone could have dreamed. In fact, we have received 27 different Living Dead Doll series and the number is still growing. If you add in the mass exclusives and other surprises from Mezco the line becomes one of the most expansive brands on the market. Not only has Mezco honored horror icons they have brought several in-house characters to life.

As you might know, the Living Dead Dolls is celebrating a sweet 16 (well deadly is the right term) and Mezco put together an amazing birthday gift for the line; The Art of the Living Dead Dolls book! The ghastly book contains over 100 terrifying images from 80 different artists and the book is printed on gorgeous deluxe glossy 100lb stock. The book also features an embossed cover with full color pages and some awesome black & white images. This will bring true horror to any library, coffee table or simply become an addition to a Living Dead Doll collection.

The imagery abound in the book comes from some world class artists such as Joshua Hoffine, Angus Oblong, Dan Brereton, Yuki Abiko, Emily Yishizawa, Michael Pasquale, Rotten Orange, Stephen Blickenstaff, Shelby Vogal, Joshua Hoffine and many more. One of the most disturbing images comes from Dan Brereton and his delightful Sadie. You will find so much more in the book such as awesome fan art, killer tattoos and some incredible highlights from the dreadful (and I mean that in a good way) 2006 Living Dead Dolls art show. As an added bonus the Art of the Living Dead Dolls features a foreword by legendary Monster Artist Basil Gogos. This is a true treat for any horror fan and an excellent start to this amazing book. If you’re a fan of the Living Dead Doll line then this book is a must have and a true treasure of ghastly images awaits you.

Right now you can order this celebratory book for a meer $20 from Mezco and trust me, that is a steal for what you’re going to get.

The Art of Living Dead Dolls