Ten Comics We Want To See As TV Series

With next fall’s television schedule packed with comic book shows, it seemed like the perfect time to break out a list of comics we’d love to see as a TV series. The rules are simple, the comic cannot have already been adapted for television, nor already be adapted from a television series. Sorry, Jem and the Holograms, but seriously bring that back with the tone of this current comic series. Also, animated adaptations are not included in being previously adapted. We’re talking about live action television series here.

SQGIRL2015B001_CaldwellVar10 ) Unbeatable Squirrel Girl

Making this happen could change the tone of comic book TV series for a long time, especially if the not-quite-so-serious tone is adapted well. Her world will have to be scaled back so we don’t have guest appearances, but bringing in super-villains from around the Marvel pantheon, especially those not quite so feared among the super-heroes.

Does it have to be set in the MCU? Well, it couldn’t hurt, and it could give us a chance to revisit some lesser known characters that have been introduced and then forgotten about. We could also get a wonderful Kraven appearance, as her first issue does an excellent job of setting the tone for the entire series and what sets her apart from other Marvel heroes. The series would also fill a hole for a super-hero (non-situation) comedy, and by filling it, I mean with nuts.

losh3139 ) Legion of Super-Heroes

Yes, it would incredibly expensive to produce. That’s why it ranks so low. However, it’s not entirely outside of the realm of possibility with the example Berlanti Productions has shown with its super-hero television series. The question with a Legion series is if an origin needs to be done, or if the series can start with a fully, or partially formed team. Personally, I would start with a manageable cast of 12-15 Legionnaires, so that a new cast member or two could be introduced. It also doesn’t overwhelm the viewer with too many characters to follow. Of course, Superboy would be out. It could also follow the formula of the Flash and Arrow, and adapt a classic story from the comics per season. It would have to earn Darkseid, since the movies have him almost locked up. I would suggest either building up in the first season to the Fatal Five/Suneater or Computo. With either story, the season can end with a Legionnaire dying. In the Computo adaptation, I would suggest making the sacrifice someone more important than just one of Triplicate Girl’s three bodies. A death needs to have some sense of permanence.

Okay, I hear you asking, who would be the Legionnaires in the series? Saturn Girl, Brainiac 5, Lightning Lad, Ultra Boy, Phantom Girl, Cosmic Boy, Invisible Kid, Triplicate Girl (or Duo Damsel, so you can save on CGI by hiring twin actresses), Shrinking Violet, Colossal Boy, Star Boy, and Chameleon Boy, if the effects budget can handle it. If doing the Fatal Five story, then introduce Karate Kid, Projectra, and Ferro Lad mid-season. I would also suggest losing Star Boy half-way through, similar to how he was expelled in the comics.

If you really wanted, the inclusion of Superboy could be a building subplot for the first season as Brainiac 5 seeks to break the time barrier so the Legion can meet their inspiration. Inserting him at the beinnging was tried with the animated series, but there were flaws with that concept. Using a character so recognizable to casual viewers makes putting him in an unusual setting harder to accomplish. The first few episodes would also be all about telling viewers how this version of the character is different.

comic book TV series8 ) Prez

The recent limited series was such a good satire of modern society, I would love to see it adapted to a series. The satirical elements make for a unique series and the humorous tone make it network-friendly. The lead being a teen President seems to make it a natural for the CW, although this series could find a home on any number of networks.

A little CGI work would need to be budgeted, and the satire could make it hard to keep advertisers, but this is a story ripe for adaptation to the small screen. Even the supporting roles are funny and given room to shine, could lure in some great actors for cameos. However, basing a television series on a comic with only six issues currently published. Another limited series is planned for later this year, but basing the series on a presidential theme could even allow screenwriters to satirize television series around the Presidency.

SHEHULK2014001_COV7 ) She-Hulk

This one could actually happen. There may not be a Marvel character that fans want to see in a television series more than She-Hulk. Netflix might be the most appropriate outlet for this series.

A Mark Ruffalo cameo would be a requirement for the pilot, but not necessary for the series itself. Casting She-Hulk could be the hardest part, but I would recommend casting two actresses, one of exceptional height, which wouldn’t be as hard as you think. The Jennifer Walters casting would need to be a general match in appearance, but given how natural She-Hulk acts, unlike her male counterpart, I don’t believe CGI is an effective option, especially how it would cripple the budget.

What I’m saying is that the Hulk has been established as a CGI character, and the right actress that has a few inches on others could make for believable interaction without a crippling budget. Also, for a character that has been known for humor, getting that genuine reaction from supporting actors would be necessary for making She-Hulk work as an addition to Marvel’s TV series.

ythelastman6 ) Y: The Last Man

Fans of AMC’s The Walking Dead should definitely try out Brian K. Vaughn’s story of Yorick, the last man alive in a world where something killed off everything male. With the apocalyptic premise, it’s pitch to fans of the Walking Dead TV series would almost be expected, but on its own merits a series could be its own phenomenon.

Casting is tricky, as is pacing. If a commitment is made to multiple seasons, the role of Yorick’s girlfriend Beth would need to be locked in for a season years down the road. The other three main characters have the pressure to carry a series that demands a lot, especially without a clear, singular enemy. It also has the challenge of making the clear antagonist the Israeli military. Accusations would be made of antisemitism, so new threats need to be developed. The Amazons are the clearest choice, but the American government, thrown into disarray could be a new threat for television to deflect from charges of using the nation of Israel as villains. Television critics would not grasp the difference between one overzealous Israeli officer and the entire government of a country.

There are challenges to getting this series to television, which might be why what seems like a natural fit hasn’t happened yet.

sxcrimvol15 ) Sex Criminals

Before the rise of HBO, Showtime and Cinemax as viable networks for TV series, this wouldn’t have been a serious discussion. The series has a challenge in making such an erotically charged premise about the characters and not the sex.

The budget could be spent in a variety of ways, since special effects in this series are pretty much along the same vein, primarily for stopping time. The goal to making this series work would have to be the casting. Convincing actors that can carry some of the deeper emotional themes of the comic would be a necessity to keep the focus of the series on the characters, and not the sexual aspects of the story, which are necessary to the plot. The disadvantage is that the series is still going after only a relatively few number of issues, so one season may be all we would get before it has to go in new directions.

starman4 ) Starman

Conceivably, this could be a Greg Berlanti series, set in the Flash/Arrowverse, depending on how they handle the Justice Society. Otherwise, I could see a revisit to the Smallville television universe, which introduced the Justice Society. Having a Golden Age Starman almost is a necessity for this series, which is all about legacy and the relationship between father and son. World War II isn’t necessary, nor is even having Ted Knight working on the original Atomic Bomb. The McCarthy hearings are almost a necessity, and he needs to be a much older man when his son is born, but the timing can work, but the window is closing fast.

There’s the only problem with the series, explaining how a hero active even as late as the 1950s could have a son that could carry on the legacy today. Special Effects can be kept to minimum except for where they really need to be punched up. Think along the lines of the Flash, where the really intense special effects are saved for finales or special episodes or characters, like Grodd. It would also be nice to see DC’s legacy explored which could be intriguing if placed within the Arrowverse.

sandman3 ) Sandman

People have tried to get a feature film off the ground for years, but it almost seems like the perfect series to go into a television series, preferably in a cable format that could allow for more mature story elements. The series can even deviate from the established comics for the right story or right director. It can even draw on the various spin-off series that Neil Gaiman’s original series spawned, especially the very popular Death.

If it finds a spot on Fox, perhaps we could see a guest appearance by Lucifer‘s Tom Ellis. Perhaps he could tease his appearance with a cameo at the end of the first episode to draw in viewers early. Casting is a priority, especially in finding actors to portray immortal concepts personified. Key roles are Death, Delirium and of course, Morpheus.

As time goes on, I dread that comics fans are forgetting what an impact this series had on the industry and how many fans it had that would not read any other comic book. This series could remind them and finally give us a Sandman adaptation that could be about storytelling.

LoveAndRockets2 ) Love and Rockets

This series would have an uphill battle with finding a home, but could certainly have a broad appeal. There are not many examples of successful series featuring an almost entirely Hispanic cast, but in this age of streaming video allowing offbeat properties to find their audience, it can happen. It does have the advantage of having a large cast of characters, which keeps pressure off of one or two actors to carry the entire series.

It would probably have to be structured similarly to soap opera, bouncing back and forth between groups of characters that don’t necessarily interact. Everyone wants to see Maggie and Hopey, but Gilbert’s Luba characters make for exceptional stories in their own right. It almost has to be a one hour drama to fit in all of these elements, but going over the decades of material to draw from, the series could be kept fresh for audiences to discover over and over.

1 ) Strangers In Paradise


Terry Moore’s series is almost ready made for a television series. The trick is getting the tone right for a story that has moments that range from pedestrian to completely over the top violent. Casting would also have to be spot on, especially in the lead characters. Given how long it has run, it could conceivably have a long life, which would be a must for fans that would love to see Katchoo, Francine, David and the rest in a regular series that honors the elaborate tapestry that is the lives of these characters.

Knowing the progression of the story like we do, the dramatic elements are the points that a potential series has to hit, and hit correctly to earn the right to continue. It could be frustrating to see the struggling romantic relationship between Katchoo and Francine, but with the promise given of a payoff, we could see fans sticking with the series for the long haul, just to see the happy ending these characters deserve.

Are there any comics you’d like to see as a television series? Let us know in the comments below!