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Flash #323 – Reviews Of Old Comics

I was at my local library when I spotted the Essentials collection of The Trial Of The Flash. I remember picking up a few issues of this story when it first came out, but never read the entire run from beginning to end. The whole thing goes on for quite a long period of time, over two years, culminating in The Flash #350. It's almost legendary how it ends, using a method that only work in comic books, with the Flash killing his arch-enemy, responsible for the murder of his first wife, on the day the hero is to marry his second wife, Fiona Webb. Unfortunately for Fiona, the Flash had to abandon his Barry Allen identity and ended up going to live in the thirtieth century with his first wife, who'd come back to get him acquitted of murdering the Reverse Flash. Like I said, only in comics. I was curious about whatever happened to Fiona Webb, and she simply never appeared again after the Trial of the Flash. She only showed up again in flashbacks. Where she went after this day is unknown, but I would like to think that she had an absolutely normal life unaffected by super-heroes. Of course, that would be silly.

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