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The Walking Dead #1 – Reviews Of Old Comics

With this column, I try to highlight comics before the year 2000. I also try to switch up the comics I review in a order by publisher, DC, Marvel, and Independents. Of course, I throw Legion comics in there at roughly every fourth review because I'm a huge Legion fan. I wanted to tell you that because I'm going a little more recent with this week's review. The last time I did this, I called it a Review of an Old-ish Comic. Of course, that was four years ago, and the comic was the same vintage as this week's comic, The Walking Dead #1.  I don't care for zombies. Zombie stories tend to be a series a cheap horror, jump scares, and showing off how good a zombie you can create. The Walking Dead TV show looks to be a lot of that, and given much I hate jump scares, I've admittedly never watched a single episode. I started watching the pilot, but the first scene looked to be building up to a jump scare. I wasn't having it. Today the thought reached me to try to read the comic. Jump scares are a little less jarring on the page, Tony Moore's artwork also doesn't have that style that urges the over-rendering of dead and undead bodies. I also want to be fair when criticizing zombie comics, so here we go.

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