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Aliens 7″ Figure Review Wave 1: Alien, Hicks & Hudson all Together in 1 Shoot!

NECA has been the leader in producing Predator figures and it was only a matter of time that they would tackle the other space franchise. Aliens is honestly my favorite of the two and I pull for the Aliens every time. I know one of these days my guys will win. In celebration of the pending spooky day (AKA Halloween) I present you NECA's first wave of Alien Action Figures! The Marines: Both of the Colonel Marines are  damn good but the articulation can be a bit wanky or stiff. Still, the overall look and feel of these figures are solid. I personally enjoy the accessories and the attention to detail that went into the figures. I think the expression on Hicks face is spot on and Hudson is cool as well. I prefer a static facial expression for Dio purposes but I can deal with this. Alien Warrior: Now this one was a tad disappointing. The jaw popped loose seconds after freeing him and there was a back piece that fell of as well. I was able to get the jaw back on and the back piece popped back into his back but still, this should have not happened. I could not push his inner jaw out and his joints were too stiff. It felt like I was going to break this toy. Even with the defects I still enjoyed this piece; the sculpted one me over. I so wanted this Alien to be perfect but he did fall a tad short of that. I plan to give NECA another go around with the next wave but they need to remember there are other Aliens hitting the market so quality control must be in place. Now if you put all the negatives aside, the sculpt is indeed awesome and in the end, these toys are made for adult collectors. Look for more future DIO,s when series 2 hits, I might have to go all out with that one. Final thought: Aliens series 1 gets 3.5 out of 5 stars Hicks- 4 stars Hudson 4 stars Alien Warrior 2 1/2 stars      

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