Tabatha #1 Review

Tabatha #1

Created and Writen by Neil Gibson

Pencils and Inks by Casper Wijngaard and Anja Poland

Letters by Comicraft’s Jimmy Betancourt

Digital Release Date: November 28, 2012

So by chance did you read any of the Twisted Dark volumes? I really hope so because the story telling was incredible. Neal and company decided to put out another series called Tabatha. How does this rank and will he follow suit with another gritty story? The answers to that and more after the jump!

Neil Gibson has done it again. He was the mastermind behind Twisted Dark (click here for my original review) and once again he dove into something new. Tabatha is a new book from Neil and it starts off with a quirky vibe. One of the main characters (Luke) is working as a happy go lucky mailman in the city of Angles and even though his boss is a jerk, he still goes about his duties like normal. At first glance it’s hard to tell the direction of the book but you soon discover that there is more to this than meets the eye.

You see, Luke is part of a gang of burglars and while working his rout he has been mapping out some houses. This is the part of the book that takes off. Setting up a mail man who is really a thief is brilliant. He knows when someone is not home and he learns routines. Now this part takes him and his crew to something horrific and I really do not want to spoil it for you. I will say that sometimes crime can kill and sometimes it’s better to walk away while you can.

The eerie feeling that is set up with this story is crazy. I knew it was going to be dark but Neil is taking this to a new level of fear. It’s not the fear you can see but it’s the fear that sticks with you and follows you around. When a package is sent to one of his friends, you can start to see that there is something else at play. The book is just eerie but in a damn good way. We do not learn who Tabatha is but I have a hunch and if you pay close attention to it you might guess it as well. I will end with this: Neal Gibson has some dark stories in his head and I want to read them all!

The art was crisp and the overall feel of the book was good. Some small press books have a low quality feel to them but not this one. I thought everything popped out well (colors, wording, everything) and I can tell a ton of heart and soul went into this book. I know the series as a whole will deliver and I cannot wait to read issue #2! Thanks again Neal for the sample and just so you and the readers know, Twisted Dark Volume 3 is next and I cannot wait!!