Starfire Bishoujo Statue; New Images!

The Toychest (Diamond Comics) posted some new images of the upcoming DC Comics Starfire Bishoujo statue. This one I cannot wait for and I urge all of you guys to preorder this one. Check out the images below and once she is released look for an official photo shoot from Needless Essentials Online.

Created by Marv Wolfman and George Perez for DC Comics’ New Teen Titans nearly thirty-five years ago, the Tamaran princess Starfire is one of comics’ most alluring characters! 

Now, she gets a reimagining by Kotobukiya for their DC Comics: Starfire Bishoujo Statue

Sculpted in the Japanese bishoujo style, Starfire cuts a striking and attractive pose for this statue!

Starfire stands 8 ½ inches tall (in the perfect 1/7 Bishoujo scale) as she leans on her unique georama display base. 

While she may outshine the others with her alien beauty, Starfire is the perfect addition to your DC Bishoujo statue collection!

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