Star Wars Solo Force Link 2.0 AT-DT Imperial Walker

Have you all seen the new Hasbro Star Wars Solo Force Link 2.0 AT-DT Imperial Walker? We have yet to find this one and personally, this looks to be one of the best vehicles from the 5.0 era. It’s no secret, we do hold some animosity to the 5.0 era (5 points of articulation). Hasbro regressed with the Star Wars line and they know this, hence why the Vintage collection is back. Do not get me wrong, this is not a Hasbro bash as this vehicle hits all the right buttons. Just imagine if this was a little bit bigger with a highly articulated figures, we would have a classic. Still as it stands, this one should go down as one of the best vehicle packs in ages. I know our new sponsor, Needless Toys and Collectibles will have some so hit them up on Facebook folks! Now for some images.