Star Wars Black Waves 12 and 13 Rumor Report

While the 40th Anniversary waves wind down (like I have found any anyway), new waves are upon us. I have heard through the grapevine that waves 12 and 13 are up coming up for order soon and we do have a little bit of the case breakdowns. Now the good news is, it looks like there will be only one carry over figure between the cases. 

Wave 12- Looks like E4 Darth Vader- I am assuming it’s the same as that gift pack that’s clogging shelves right now. Also look for a Stormtrooper and Hera! The rest of the wave will contain Episode 8 characters. Obviously no names we mentioned at this time. 

For wave 13 it looks like we will finally get that Hoth Leia, one carry over figure (this could be Snokes Guard and the rest will be new.

Now take all of this as a rumor until announced at SDCC OR after. Also these could hit around Force Friday. On a side note, it also looks like Luke with Landspeeder and Rey with Speeder are coming around that time as well.  

Now the downside to this is the rumor is true, we might only have one shot at Hera. Time will tell though.