Star Wars Battlefront 2 Hype Train

You guys probably read when I tore the first Battlefront a new one. Well, I’ve been playing the Battlefront 2 multiplayer beta for the last week now and I have to give EA some credit. They listened to everything we said about the first game, took it to heart, and provided the fan service that we needed. This new game is not only fun but it was the droids we were looking for.

The beta featured 3 of the 5 game modes each one showcasing a different era of the Star Wars universe. Galactic Assault, Starfighter, and Stike. Galactic Assault showcased the Clone Wars where the separatist army has to escort their MTT to the palace and take control of the palace throne room in a 3 tiered assault on Theed. The Clones job is to stop this from happening by either destroying the MTT in the first tier or defending the capture points after the MTT breaches the palace. Starfighter is exactly what it sounds like. Showcasing the Galactic Civil War, you play as the rebels trying to destroy a Star Destroyer over Fondoor where the Republic defends and destroys the rebel bombers. Strike, the final mode, showcases the new Jedi order (are we still calling it that?) and its capture the flag where the First Order are trying to capture an artifact in Maz’s Castle and take it to the extraction point where the Rebels are trying to defend the artifact.

The game features a new class based system that is reminiscent of the original games. A choice of four classes (soldier, heavy, officer, and specialist), which are all customizable to fit you play style, should prove a balanced game across all modes. All though, right now the specialist is O-P as hell and needs to be nerfed straight to the ground. I would go rounds before I would even see a friendly officer.

Battlefront 2 will also include a full fleshed out campaign and story that, from what I understand, will be Star Wars cannon. The story will follow Inferno squad bridging the gap from Episode 6 to 7.

Here is the best part. All new content will be available at no cost to the players. A new loot box system with optional micro-transactions will be put in place to pay for these coming updates. These loot boxes can also be achieved by just playing the game.

I had a lot of fun playing through this beta and am very excited for this game to come out in November. This is the Battlefront we wanted when the first one came out. This is a huge fan service by EA, listening to all our concerns from the first game. Thank you EA for bringing an authentic Battlefront experience to the next gen consoles.